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Beijing HCC Energy Tech.Co.,Ltd is a high-tech enterprise engaged in advanced technology research , production and sales. Headquartered in Beijing, the company has set up branch company in developed city of ShenZhen, TianJin and HangZhou respectively. In 2017, the company is planning to build a r&d production base of supercapacitor and  energy systems with a capacity of over 1 billion yuan,  providing a guarantee for large-scale production. Since its established  ten years ago, HCCCap series of super capacitors have been applying continuously, stably and reliably in the smart grid more than ten years. HCCCap super capacitors have been successfully applied in the field of space satellites large scale, which has promoted the civilian use of satellites.

Established in 2007 by the main team of Carbon Nanomaterials laboratory of Tsinghua University, the founder of the company has been engaged in the research of carbon nanomaterials more than for 20 years and endeavored to the research and promotion of supercapacitor .

  • Technology
    Pole to module 
    Full set of independent production process
  • Production
    Automatic production line 
    10 years experience in bulk supply
  • Product
    Batch application to smart grid 
    Military and space satellites and other fields
  • Service
    Provide personalized, customized services
    Perfect marketing network and technical service team
  • HCCCap series supercapacitors have a complete set of production technology from the pole producing device to the energy system , which is the first  supercapacitor enterprise with the pole production technology in China.  We have dozens of automatic production lines in view of diffrrent series products , and are equipped with automatic welding equipment for module assembly, special equipment for module testing, quality control testing laboratory, etc. We have perfect product research team, material research team and laboratory, as well as nationwide marketing (north China, south China, east China, etc.) network and service team, can provide customers with professional, efficient and reliable service.

    HCCCap supercapacitor products are widely used in smart grid, smart meters, wind system/energy storage system, high-power short-time power supply .We have broad customer in power, electric/hybrid vehicles, solar energy storage, industrial electronics and consumer electronics, with typical application customer representatives in all fields. In view of the characteristics of supercapacitors,  HCCCap provides customers with strong technical support including device selection, testing, application examples and other aspects.

    Shandong Nanjing Chongqing
    Beijing headquarters
    Tianjin production base
    Shenzhen branch
    Hangzhou office
    Beijing headquarters Tianjin production base Shenzhen branch Hangzhou office
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