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In 2018, HCCCap Super Capacitor was applied in the field of space satellite creates achievements again!
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At 12:12 noon on January 19, 2018, Beijing Time, two satellites, Xiangjiang New Area No. and Yizhuang Quantu Tong No. 1, were successfully launched into orbit at Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center on board Long March No. 11. This marks the successful completion of the separation mission of the satellites and arrows by the enhanced supercapacitor power supply module independently developed by Beijing Hezhong Huineng Technology Co., Ltd. and plays the role of the voyage in 2018.

The new supercapacitor  power supply is deeply optimized on the basis of the original version. The module uses the high performance supercapacitors of the HCCCap series. After repeated demonstration and simulation tests, it has solved a series of technical problems, such as super-long voltage holding, space error-proof action, multiple protection mechanism and so on.

Since the delivery of HCCCap Super Capacitor Power Supply, it has successfully passed all rigorous environmental and functional tests of Party A. The successful launch of the two satellites is the re-validation of the enhanced supercapacitor power source independently in the aerospace field. At the beginning of the new year, HCCCap will continue to devote itself to the development of high-quality supercapacitor products and contribute more to China's aerospace industry. To provide customers with more reliable supercapacitor products and services!

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