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HCCCap Space-grade Super Capacitor Launched Successfully in 2019!
2019-01-21 1525people visit

At 13:42  on January 21, 2019, Beijing Time, the Qingteng Star, which was co-operated by Qingteng University and the Institute of Astronomy, launched the Long March 11 carrier rocket at Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center. The satellite successfully entered the predetermined orbit. The first space launch and separation mission of the Consolidated Energy Space-Grade Super Capacitance Star-Arrow Separation Power Supply System in 2019 was successful. Qingteng Star carried a number of space experiment missions, including the names of 287 students in Qingteng. The satellite is also equipped with off-orbit sails, which will be used off-orbit at the end of its life to avoid becoming space junk.

The new type of HCCCap Space-grade Super Capacitor Power Supply System developed by Beijing HCC Energy Tech.Co.,Ltd.  has entered a mature and large-scale stage of development. With a new starting point and a new journey, Beijing HCC Energy Tech.Co.,Ltd  will make every effort to help our motherland's space power strategy with a new spirit!

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