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HCCCap Multi-star separation ultracapacitor power system was successfully launched
2018-10-29 1507people visit

At 8:55 a.m. on October 29, 2018, Beijing Time, four satellites (Xiaoxiang-1, Xinghe, Changsha High-tech and Tongchuan-1) were successfully launched into orbit at Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center, marking the successful launch of a new generation of multi-satellite separation system developed by Beijing HCC Energy Tech.Co.,Ltd. on the basis of the original single-satellite separation system in the field of space satellites. The milestone leapfrog development has been achieved, and the performance has become more stable, which will do our utmost for the cause of space satellite in our country.

In view of the technical problems of satellite on-site power collection and long-term voltage-holding after one charge, our company has made a breakthrough upgrading and optimization of the multi-satellite separation system of the new generation supercapacitor hot knife power supply, successfully realized the voltage-holding capacity of at least 60 days, and successfully solved the problem that the space satellite does not need to supply supercapacitor power in the pre-launch debugging preparation stage. Supplementary power to the source system. So far, the star-arrow separation power supply system provided by our company has achieved the successful separation of four stars! This indicates that the new generation supercapacitor star-arrow separation power supply system developed by our company has been upgraded from the early scientific experiment service to the small batch production in the aerospace field for the larger commercial market.

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