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【good news】united energy research and development production base officially started!
2019-05-16 1837people visit

On the morning of May 16, 2019, the sun was shining and the colorful flags were flying. The commencement ceremony of the r&d and production base of hezhong energy supercapacitor and its energy system was held in the construction base of Beijing, tianjin zhongguancun science and technology city. Beijing, tianjin zhongguancun science and technology city, tsinghua university, project contractor, design unit, supervision unit, enterprise leaders, staff representatives and guests from all walks of life attended the ceremony. Firecrackers exploded, fireworks all over the sky, with the opening of formal rise, not only indicates the domestic large scale super capacitor production base of building, also marks the united press can remit company landmark ultracapacitors and energy systems research and development and production base, to improve the production scale, complete industrial upgrading is of great significance.

Mr. Wang dazhi, founder and general manager of united huineng company, gave an enthusiastic speech at the commencement ceremony and introduced the project situation and schedule of the base to all the distinguished guests in detail. As the beijing-tianjin zhongguancun science city representative enterprises in the field of new energy industry, is a city of science and technology the first complete sign up, the first land delisting, first acquire the construction permit and construction in enterprises, the Associated Press remit to company and contractor in construction process, will firmly establish quality consciousness, quality consciousness, efforts to create high quality project, on the premise of ensure the engineering quality, pays special attention to the safety management and schedule control, strive for the early formation, and put into production, early work.

The research, development and production base of ultracapacitor and its energy system was formally prepared in 2017 and listed in 2018. It is planned to be completed by the end of 2019 and put into production in 2020 with a capacity of more than 1 billion yuan. It is mainly composed of comprehensive office building, research and development building, production plant and staff dormitory building. The establishment of the production and research base of united united energy technology will greatly promote the large-scale and intelligent development of the application of united united energy in smart grid, smart meter, communication module, aerospace satellite, military industry and other related fields.

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