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"2.7V10F special module power system" successfully completed the satellite and rocket separation mission of China's carrier rocket for the first time at sea
2019-06-05 1694people visit

Beijing time on June 5, 2019, 12 noon 6 points, xiaoxiang a satellite rocket carrying the long March 11 in the yellow sea in China successfully completed "an arrow dipper" maritime emission test, this is the first space launch in sea in our country, to fill the gaps rocket launch sea in our country, it marks the developed instant transfer to Beijing science and technology co., LTD with special module power supply system ", "2.7 V10F stability and technical maturity has further promoted, make the star arrow separation of the power system in the future to be able to adapt to the harsh environment and application requirements.

Long march rocket 11 successful launch experiment are carried out for the first time in China sea and ocean flight test, is China's debut on the sea, the carrier rocket launch will traction drive sea technology development, by conducting sea test launch technology, key technology breakthrough sea launch, for maritime recycling reusable rocket and space technology in the field of development lay the foundation. The launch, an experimental launch, will provide experience for future sea launches. It is a new beginning for China's space industry. On the way to explore space, we will open up a new frontier.

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