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Beijing HCC Energy Tech.Co.,Ltd attend The Seventh Smart Grid Automation Technology Application Forum
2016-08-19 711people visit

Recently, The Seventh Smart Grid Automation Technology Application Forum as scheduled. many research institutes and enterprises devoted to Smart Grid Automation not only demonstrated their latest achievements in this field, but also actively shared their unique application experience.

We were invited to attend the meeting. At the meeting, Mr. Wang Dazhi, General Manager, together with experts, scholars and enterprise personnel, expounded the application experience of our supercapacitor products in Smart Grid. With years of continuous exploration and hard work in the field of Smart Grid,  We have formed a backup power supply scheme for key components of Smart Grid , such as intelligent terminals, switching switches, smart meters and so on. It applies supercapacitor, a new device, to the construction of Smart Grid  scientifically, efficiently and safely, and greatly improves the Smart Grid Backup power supply.

It is believed that with the advantages of the Smart Grid backup power supply system based on supercapacitors becoming increasingly prominent, supercapacitors will shine brilliantly in this field in the future. We will continue to promote the deep application of supercapacitors in the field of Smart Grid, and contribute our strength to the construction of Smart Grid.

Finally, I wish the forum a successful conclusion!

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