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Series of HCCCap supercapacitors Launched!
2016-02-26 1047people visit

In order to adapt to the new capacitor market situation and better meet the needs of customers, we have developed and tested the following series of supercapacitor products after a long period of testing.


(1) 2.85V series supercapacitors and 3.0V series supercapacitors have higher voltage and higher energy characteristics.

(2) High temperature + 85 C series supercapacitor products, meeting the double 85 (temperature 85 C, humidity 85%) environment standard, can better adapt to tropical areas such as Southeast Asia;


(3) Meter-specific supercapacitor and RTC-specific supercapacitor completely eliminate the risk of circuit board damage caused by leakage;


(4) Starting supercapacitor module of automobile can effectively solve the problem of cold start and emergency start of engine.

(5) Super Capacitor for Smart Grid with DTU and FTU Switching Power Supply.

(6) Supercapacitors for DC buses are equipped with bidirectional DC-DC power supply.

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