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Successful launch of space-grade supercapacitors for Space Satellite
2016-11-10 730people visit

At 7:42 am on November 10, the long March 11 solid carrier rocket was successfully launched from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center, and the super capacitor power module independently developed by Beijing HCC Energy Tech.Co.,Ltd.successfully completed its mission.

 At the same time, We also provides the thermal power module for the deployment of the supercapacitor satellite panel.

After the satellite positioning is successful, the thermal power of the panel will be controlled by the ground to launch the satellite panel in a timely manner.

The development of the ultracapacitor  power module has a tight time and heavy responsibility. In order to ensure the smooth launch of the satellite as scheduled, all departments spare no efforts. On the basis of repeated demonstration and test, relying on the profound technical reserve and rich experience in application and development of united power, the ultracapacitor products suitable for the aerospace field are finally developed. The success of this launch is inseparable from the research on the application environment analysis, satellite launch and operation of the micro-process, which also marks a new breakthrough  in the application of our company's super capacitor! In the future, we will continue to take the leading technology advantage and the formidable application design development ability for our country aerospace enterprise contribution due strength!

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