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[Big News] HCCCap can solve for the first time the problem of "leakage" malfunction in the application of supercapacitors-the iceberg under the water surface, the biggest failure of supercapacitors-the "leakage"
2017-07-20 976people visit

On July 19, 2017, Beijing HCC Energy Tech.Co.,Ltd . first released the "Leakage and Circuit Board Corrosion Depth Analysis Report" on the long-term use of supercapacitors. The report reveals the in-depth research results of the phenomenon of "leak" and the formation conditions of "leak" in the use of supercapacitors, and puts forward targeted solutions in order to achieve the real use of supercapacitors. The purpose is "to be of the same service life as the equipment, free of maintenance and high reliability", and to correct the defective design of many applications. At the same time, it provides strong theoretical support and technical guarantee for the forthcoming application of meter and terminal supercapacitor.

We will continue to conduct more in-depth research on the support of supercapacitor application technology, promote the simple and reliable application of supercapacitor, and We will publish more research results at the appropriate time. For more detailed analysis report on leakage and PCB corrosion depth in long-term use of supercapacitors, please call 010-82897371/15611260092.

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