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How do I select the supercapacitor I need?

First, power requirements, discharge time and system voltage variations play a decisive role. The output voltage drop of the supercapacitor is composed of two parts. The other part is caused by the internal resistance of the supercapacitor. It depends on the time, in very fast pulses, the internal resistance is dominant, whereas in long bursts, the capacitance is dominant. According to the HCC capacitor standard, select the following basic parameters to determine the size of the capacitor you choose.

1. Maximum working voltage;

2. Working cut-off voltage;

3. Average discharge current;

4. How long is the discharge time?

What are the main characteristics of  supercapacitors?

HCCCap supercapacitors have the following characteristics: large current charge-discharge, instant release of large current; Long cycle life of charge and discharge, up to millions; Charging time is short, the shortest supercapacitor can be charged in a few seconds, the longest , far faster than the battery charging time; Long storage life, completely maintenance-free; Working temperature range, may achieve to -40 ° C to + 70 ° C.


What are the benefits of combining an supercapacitor module with a battery?

supercapacitor have a wider range of temperatures than batteries, and are suitable for applications where temperatures range from 70 to minus 40 degrees Celsius, while batteries typically operate between 60 and minus 20 degrees Celsius. In fact, once the temperature drops below zero, much of the battery's energy is deactivated. supercapacitors also have a higher lifetime return, with chemically reactive batteries typically able to operate hundreds to thousands of times, while in an electrostatic environment, energy-storing ultracapacitors can operate over a million cycles.

Ultracapacitors can be as efficient as 95 to 98 percent, while lead-acid batteries can be as efficient as 70 percent. Mixing ultracapacitors and batteries as an energy storage system reduces the size, weight, and number of batteries in the system. Mixing is getting more efficient and using fewer materials.

Ultracapacitors can be as efficient as 95 to 98 percent, while lead-acid batteries can be as efficient as 70 percent.

In a hybrid energy storage system, a reduction in peak current (and internal temperature) can increase battery life by up to four times depending on the application.


1.The above information is for reference only. If you have any questions, you can consult the HCCCap Technology Department.

2.Data parameters are for reference only. The actual product parameters produced in different batches and at different times may change. Subject to the product actually received.The exact parameters should be checked with the manufacturer in time.  

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