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Guide for use
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1) It should not be used under rated voltage.

2) Supercapacitors should not be forced to twist or invert;

3) The temperature of supercapacitor should not exceed the upper or lower limit of rated temperature.

4) Charging voltage should not exceed rated voltage;

5) Avoid direct sunlight;

6) Avoid direct contact with water, brine, oil, acid or alkali;

7) If you need to use it under vibration conditions that exceed the rated characteristics or under harsh electrical conditions, please contact with our company .

8) The supercapacitor has a fixed polarity. Please pay attention to its polarity when assembling.

9) Working temperature and working life. Generally, HCCCAP supercapacitors have smaller leakage current, longer standby time and longer life at low temperatures. On the contrary, at higher temperatures, leakage current increases, standby power decreases and service life shortens. Please keep HCCCAP supercapacitor away from heating element.

10) Series connection and module, simple physical series connection of HCCCAP supercapacitor will cause voltage imbalance on each supercapacitor. As a result, the voltage may exceed the rated value. If in series connection is required, please contact with our company appropriately so that each supercapacitor can operate within a safe voltage range.

11) Supercapacitors can not be used in high frequency charging and discharging circuits.

12) The transient voltage drop V=IR increases significantly when the discharge current is high.

13) According to the method of 4.6 in GB/T 2429.28-2005, the pins of supercapacitors are impregnated in the weld trough at 235 5 C for 2 s 0.5 s, which should meet the requirements of 4.6.2 of this standard.


1.The above information is for reference only. If you have any questions, you can consult the HCCCap Technology Department.

2.Data parameters are for reference only. The actual product parameters produced in different batches and at different times may change. Subject to the product actually received.The exact parameters should be checked with the manufacturer in time.  


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