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Superapacitors for IOT
Product features

High integration, high reliability:

 The optimal design of ultracapacitor and its charge and discharge management circuit is integrated into one.

●Automatic charge and discharge management:

Switch the ultracapacitor power supply seamlessly.

Wide input voltage:

Reliable operation in the range of 9V ~ 27V input voltage, stable output voltage of 12V or 3.3V /5V.

●Completely eliminate leakage:

Use of integrated sealing treatment, waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion; Remove "leakage" corrosion PCB trouble.

●Easy to install and maintain:

The module is self-contained and can be replaced directly in case of failure.

Simple to use, compatible with original design, no additional cost.

Product technical parameters
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Product application

All kinds of short time, small and micro power backup power supply occasions, broadband carrier communication module.

Product display
Application case
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